Need An Agent?

"Sandra's guidance, accessibility and encouragement have been my mainstay in the commercial acting process.   In my first consultation with Sandra, she helped me create an effective resume and LACasting profile as well as selecting headshots, which led to numerous auditions.  In my second consultation, she guided me in targeting commercial agencies and crafting a persuasive cover letter.  I am now signed with a great agent, going on an average of five auditions a week, and booked my first national spot! Sandra is the ultimate GURU of commercial acting gurus.”
Caitlin Durham

Our Philosophy
Commercials offer a unique opportunity for actors, as Talent Agencies are always looking for ”new faces”.  Having a unique look or the right look can open doors, but you also need the right skills to make it happen.  Understanding how to breakdown the script and create a character in thirty seconds is the challenge in commercials.  To succeed, actors must know how to improvise, take risks, have the right attitude and have FUN.
Commercial Acting Classes